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Starting Point

For our rebranding assignment, I decided to build a new visual identity for a restaurant. The Veg Corner is a vegetarian restaurant planned to be set in Ottawa. The owners, who already have an Arabic restaurant, decided to create a vegetarian spot. Therefore, they will take over part of a pre-existing restaurant to focus only on vegetarian food; this is why it will be called The Veg Corner. My goal was to design a new brand that would speak to their roots and depict their high-end service quality.

Sketches and Concepts


To create a strong brand, I had to consider on the identity and history of the restaurant, as well as their target audience. Their audience is vegan and vegetarian people from 20-65 years old looking for fresh food. I flushed out numerous concepts and then focused in on 2 concepts to fine tune my direction. 

Typefaces and Colour Scheme

The typeface I used is called Semplicita Pro, in regular and bold styles. 

It’s a friendly, clean and modern typeface, just like the restaurant. 

The colour green conveys the idea of fresh food and the vegetarian way of life. 


The Final Result

The green leaf conveys the idea of fresh food, vegetarianism. The corner shape in the leaf ties into the restaurant name. Also, the corner shape has a secondary purpose: it acts as an arrow to bring the viewer into the name.  


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