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Starting Point

To bring this fictitious event brand to life, I created a visual identity that promotes Origami's ancient art.

Origami has a broad target audience, as it's a great way to manage stress and develop fine motor skills.

People as young as 5 years old can practice it. It is also beneficial for adults and the elderly.

My goal was to design a brand that would speak to the target audience while depicting the Japanese culture's simplicity.

Sketches and Concepts


In this project, I wanted to portray Japanese aesthetics.

I had to consider that in Japan, modest, refined simplicity is regarded as the highest form of beauty.

I also wanted my concepts to reflect the Japanese culture and its fusion with modern Western visual communication.

Typefaces and Colour Scheme

I chose Acumin Variable Concept, a versatile sans-serif typeface that combines beautifully with the Japanese font.

I picked the colours from an origami coloured sheets photograph.


The Final Result

The logo I created represents The Crane, a bird the Japanese refer to as the "bird of happiness."

It is a significant symbol of the Japanese culture and the Origami itself.

Origami coloured sheets inspired the background. Its colour palette gives the viewers a feeling of lightness, which showcases a cheerful tone for the event. The use of white text against the pastel colours makes the text easy to read. Lastly, the alignment of the elements depicts the discipline of Japanese culture.

colored hanging papers origami.jpg
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